Are you looking for a flexible partner who will deliver your freight reliably, safe and in time to the desired destination?
With us, you have a single contact person for the entire transport coordination. Short-term order changes are made via short decision-making processes. And you get a complete solution for the smooth running of your transport order. With high professional competence and many years of experience in machine transport (our special field is agricultural machines, combine harvesters, tractors, etc.) we support you with the transport of goods, machines, vehicles and many more. We take over the entire coordination, processing, disposition (approvals, customs clearance, ...).

Our Europe-wide offer of services:

Special and heavy transports of machines, vehicles, etc.
Transport of goods
Transfer / transfer of vehicles on the A, B, C, E and F license plates on their own axis
Transport of goods during the course of business with customers' vehicles // and much more.

On request we also offer transports to third countries!


We can transport the following maximum dimensions for loads: 10 m x 2.99 m x 3.6 m (l x b x h) - Weight: max. 23,500 kg - transports of larger dimensions - gladly on request!

By working with partners we can access an extensive fleet. For machine transports, we also have a motor vehicle with a platform and towed low loader (or Plato trailer) available. With thus we can transport the following maximum dimensions of loads:
Motor vehicle: 6.20 m x 2.99 m x 2.8 m (l x b x h) and up to a maximum weight of 10,000 kg
Low loaders: 8 m x 2.99 m x 3.85 m (l x b x h) and up to a maximum weight of 17,500 kg
Plato trailer: 8.20 m x 2.99 m x 3 m (l x b x h) and up to a maximum weight of 14.500 kg

We are proud of the fact that we have a lot of well-known companies among our customers. A large number of contractors also appreciate our reliable handling of transport orders.



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